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He explains in the "historical" section the reasons they pushed him to found the Sovereign Canadian Republic and others. It has nothing to do with the separation of Quebec or other similar subjects.

To make a long story short, Mr. Painchaud discovered about 10 years ago that it was possible to access "empty" atomic space. Indeed, the volume occupied by protons, neutrons and electrons is less than 0.000000000001% of atomic space (see Figure 1 below). This means that by discovering how to access "empty" space, Mr. Painchaud took possession of more than 99.999999999999% of the atomic volume. All this in a complementary way to existing and known country organizations. Mr. Painchaud even had time to develop the whole of the Earth, from the Solar System to the whole of the Milky Way and more. In addition, images of the rest of the Universe seen from Earth do not correspond to reality.

Among the discoveries of M. Painchaud, there are:

1- Absence of Coulomb repulsive force. This means that the well-known Coulomb formula must be interpreted in absolute value:

F = K (q1.q2) / (r ^ 2) in absolute value, in short without repulsive force.

The consequences of this discovery are enormous. We only list a few applications. For example, the repulsive force between protons does not exist. This implies that there has never been a strong Nuclear Interaction. Schrodinger's equations for determining the energy levels of atoms and molecules are all to be reviewed. All the physics of particle accelerators (collisions) must be reinterpreted, the understanding of the atomic model outside the Earth must be reviewed, the understanding of the triggers of radioactivity must be reviewed, etc.

2- A single fundamental interaction instead of four.

The consequences of this discovery are limitless. We only have to think of the stories of GHGs and global warming, of the propulsion systems of space vehicles, of the means of standard deliveries which could soon be replaced by means of deliveries at maximum speed, a better understanding weak nuclear force can print just about anything with atomic precision, etc.

3- The parameterization of systems of all sizes in a deterministic way.

This is in fact what the Right Honorable Albert Einstein tried to do after 1916. Alas, he did not succeed, following the birth of quantum physics and other non-deterministic branches of physics relating to small dimensions. Obviously, general relativity also consisted in preparing humanity for the development of space (the frames of reference which move in relation to each other, etc.). All of this over 100 years ago. One could not easily qualify this intellectual achievement Albert Einstein still today. Painchaud's deterministic parametrization system is used to complement current "non-deterministic" sciences with practical and simple application tools, without having to calculate all of the possible deformations of space-time. In short, the tools developed by Painchaud are used to make the correct calculations at the place of interest.

4- Reduction of the number of Maxwell's equations from 4 to 2 (2015) while specifying that they are not really necessary (can be reduced to 0, as long as the student understands the general equations of propagation of electromagnetic waves ).

In fact, these equations represent the vector fields of: electric voltage, magnetic field and current density, combined with C and density of charges.

M. Painchaud reduced the number of equations from 4 to 2, both in differential and integral form. Moreover, Painchaud made it clear that these equations do not explain electromagnetism well. Obviously, this is spreading among professionals and even in the scientific community. According to Painchaud, this error in the interpretation of Maxwell's equations stems from a misunderstanding of an equation written by Albert Einstein. Simply, the following equation:

Energy = frequency * Planck's constant.

Moreover, Painchaud adds that Maxwell's equations make believe in the "physical" existence of the magnetic field, whereas it is false (what Einstein called light). Obviously, since most people repeat equations without understanding them, this error has spread all over the place in the space of about 110 years.

5- The tunnel / space-time distortion effect of permanent magnets and magnetic materials - allows the exploitation of gravitational energy, for example.

Mr. Painchaud is the first scientist to have demonstrated the tunnel / space-time distortion effect of permanent magnets.

Among other things, it makes it possible to produce electrical or mechanical energy at low cost by exploiting the gravitational interaction absolutely free of charge. This site is under renovation. It will be updated shortly.

History from 2009 to 2021. What led to the founding of the Republics

Including the Sovereign Republic of Canada and the US Sovereign Repulic (US-SR # 1 for simplicity)

The Republics founded on April 15, 2013 are a Physics project that is here to stay. It was done in a context of exclusion of facts. Everything was done by the State against Mr. Painchaud.

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